OPC Registration

  • Registration Cost – ₹ 9,999/- (All Inclusive)
  • Register in 5 Working Days

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One Person Company (OPC), a new concept in India which has been introduced through the Companies Act 2013. This was done to support entrepreneurs who on their own are equipped for starting a business enterprise.

OPC Private Limited Company Registration Package Includes:-
  • 1 Digital Signature Certificate (DSC)
  • 1 Director Identification Number (DIN)
  • Company Name Approval Letter by Ministry
  • Memorandum of Association (MoA)
  • Articles of Association (AoA)
  • Company Registration Certificate
  • Permanent Account Number (PAN)
  • Tax Account Number (TAN)
  • PT Registration
  • EPFO Registration
  • ESIC Registration
  • Bank Account Opening Support
  • GST Registration
  • Udhyog Aadhar Registration
Requirements for OPC Private Limited Company Registration
  • Minimum 1 Shareholder
  • Minimum 1 Director (The director and shareholder can be same person)
  • No Mimimum Capital Requirement
List of documents required for Director for OPC Private Limited Company Registration
  • Passport Size Colour Photo
  • Copy of PAN – Self Attested
  • Copy of Aadhar Card – Self Attested
  • Copy of Latest Bank Statement – Self Attested
  • Copy of Latest Electricity Bill for Registered Office Address Proof

Step by Step Process for OPC Private Limited Company Registration

Step 1

Reserve your Company Name: We will apply file an application for Company Name Approval with the MCA. A maximum of 2 Names can be provided for Name approval.

Step 2

Obtain Digital Signature Certificate (DSC) of all Directors.

Step 3

After receipt of Company Name Approval Letter from MCA preparation of Company Registration Documents along with MOA and AOA.

Step 4

Filing of Application for Company Registration Certificate, DIN, PAN, TAN etc

Step 5

Obtain Company Registration Certificate from MCA

After Uploading the Forms, generally within 2-3 working days, a Company Registration Certificate is received.

Benefits of OPC Private Limited Company Registration
  • Limited Liability.
  • Lower Compliance compare to Private Limited
  • Legal Status and Corporate Identity.
  • Helps to build a Brand for your Company.
  • Quick Decision Making and Flexible in Management.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Yes, we can register a One Person Company Online basis in India.
  • The process of One Person Company registration is such that all Legal Documentation with MCA can be submitted online.


1. Reserve Company Name
2. Obtain DSC (Digital Signature Certificate)
3. Preparation of Incorporation Documents along with MOA and AOA
4. Filling SPICe+ Form and Agile Pro Form
5. Upload Forms with MCA
6. Obtain Company Registration Certificate from MCA
7. Bank Account Opening

Following are the list of documents required of Director and Nominee for Registration of One Person Company
1. Passport size Colour Photo
2. Copy of PAN – Self Attested
3. Copy of Aadhar Card – Self Attested
4. Copy of Latest Bank Statement – Self Attested
5. Copy of Latest Electricity Bill for Registered Office Address Proof

A natural person who is an Indian Citizen and resident of India can become member of an One Person Company registered in India.

A person can become member only in One OPC.

Digital Signature Certificate (DSC) Certificate is presented electronically to prove your identity, to access information or services on the Internet or to sign certain documents or Forms digitally manually.

  • Director Identification Number (DIN) is a unique Identification number required for a person to become a director of a company which is issued by MCA.
  • DIN is to be mentioned in documents while appointing a person as a director of a company in India.

It is important to check Name Availability of One Person Company to avoid delay in the Registration process or lead to rejection of the application.

  • Capital means the amount of Investment made by shareholders into a One Person Company.
  • Authorised Capital is an amount up to which company can issue shares.
  • Paid-up Capital is an actual investment which goes from shareholders into company bank account anytime within two months of incorporation.
  • MOA i.e. Memorandum of Association is a document that contains all the fundamental data like Name of the Company, Registered Office, Main Objects, Amount of Capital and Details of Subscribers which are required for the Company Incorporation.
  • AOA i.e. Articles of Association is a document containing all the rules and regulations that govern the company.
  • PAN & TAN are obtained online along with Certificate of Incorporation. e-PAN and TAN allotment letter is mailed on the registered Email ID.
  • In case of One Person Company e-PAN is only issued by NSDL, if the applicant wants hard copy new application is to be done.
  • Under Spice+ form applicant is supposed to select only Bank Name and Email and Mobile no of director is verified through OTP.
  • Branch is auto selected according to location of Registered Office Address.
  • After Registration KYC documents and Board Resolution are submitted later by the director of the Company.
  • Time duration majorly depends upon two factors time taken by Ministry for giving approvals and how quick clients provide their documents which are required for registration.
  • Ideally it takes 5-7 working days to register a One Person Company in India.
  • Annual maintenance cost of a One Person Company depends upon Turnover and no of transactions undertaken.
  • Mainly cost includes Audit fees, GST returns, Other returns, Annual
  • When Share Capital of an OPC exceeds 50 lakhs rupees or its average annual turnover of immediately preceding 3 consecutive financial years exceeds 2 crore rupees then OPC is mandatorily converted into either Private or Public limited Company.
  • The One Person Company shall inform ROC in form INC-5 which shall be filed within Sixty days, if the threshold limits is exceeded and is required to be converted into private or public company.

Following are the exhaustive list of benefits of registration of One Person Company

  1. Limited Liability
  2. Separate Legal
  3. Entity
  4. Perpetual Succession
  5. Tax Benefit
  6. Transfer Ownership easily
  7. Easy to get finance
  8. Market Credibility

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