Steps Involved For Registering Name of Private Limited Company:            

  1. Choosing name of Company is a crucial step. You want to make sure it is understandable and conveys what you do, while also being catchy enough for people to remember.
  2. Objects of Company: It defines the business activities of the company.
  3. Register name of Company: Once name and business activities is finalized, next step is to make application for registering name of the company.

Process for registration of company name:

  1. Filing Name Application: Every company has to give two names for approval to the Ministry of Corporate Affairs and all the names should be unique and expressive.
  1. Fees for Filing Name Application: Fees for name application is Rs.1000/-.
  1. Approval of Application: The average time taken by the Government for processing a name application is less than a day.
  1. Name Approval Letter: Once Name application is approved by government it will issue name approval letter.
  1. Validity of name: The validity for name approval letter is for 20 days.

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