The Success Secret is Out

Story One: The Success Secret is out

Do you know these people?

Ambani’s, Tata,Birla, Oberoi, Ramdev, Kiran Mazumdar, Ritu Kumar, Shahnaz Husain Jyoti Nair.

Do you know their story, Dhirubhai Ambani took up a clerical job in a trading company and gained expertise in the Trading market, came to India in 1958, started as very small spice dealer then a cloth merchant moving to be a textile producer. He started with very limited Investment, low profits but High on Ambitions and from then on he never looked back….
Jamsetji Tata came with his family to (then) Bombay from Navsari Gujarat, started working with Father at the Age of 14, while in school. His father was a Trader and making profits during British Raj was very difficult, hence his father asked him to go to Hong Kong and start a branch there. From an Alien Land he started his Success Story. Started Small and struggled for a while to make ends meet, but now it’s true and you know it. He has created history

The Birla’s started their Small Trading Business Story in 1840, however achieved success only in 1911, as a Trader of Jute. They earned the highest while the world War was on, as Requirement for Jute increased during the War. Since then they acquired Cotton Mills, sugar Mills, Hindustan Times and Then Started Hindustan Motors. The Business took a long time to Flourish however today as you all know they are the Richest Families in India

  1. S.Oberoi was born in a Punjabi Sikhfamily in Bhaun, a minor village of Jhelum District(now Chakwal District), PunjabBritish India. When he was six months old, his father, a contractor in Peshawar died, leaving his mother with few resources. Oberoi had to leave his studies, moved to Shimla to escape from the epidemic of Plague and got a job as front desk clerk at The Cecil Hotel at a salary of Rs 50 per month. He worked hard and with complete Honesty. Took as many responsibilities as possible to help the Hotel Grow and in time learnt the Art of running the Hotel Industry and as you all know the Rest is History.

Ramdev was born to Ram Niwas Yadav and Gulabo Devi. He studied Indian scriptureYoga and Sanskrit in various gurukuls. He became a sanyasi and adopted the name Swami Ramdev. While living in Kalwa Gurukul in Jind district, Haryana, he offered free yoga training to villagers for some time. He then moved to Haridwar in Uttarakhand, where he practiced intense self-discipline and meditation. He spent several years studying ancient Indian scriptures at Gurukul Kangri Vishwavidyalaya. He didn’t go to No Howard, Oxford, or IIM Universities, Prefers Hindi & Sanskrit over English. He used this as a power for him over others and as you all know today has made a Million Dollar Business using Vedic Science.

Kiran Mazumdar Shaw the Only Women in Forbes Billionaire List from India having a Net Worth over 100 Crores, Also 85th Most Powerful Women in the WORLD. But we Indians don’t know much about her. She too didn’t belong to a Business Family. Her father was a Brew master working for Breweries. She tried getting a Job as a Master Brewer as she did her post-graduation in Malting and Brewing from Ballarat College, Melbourne University.  She was denied the Top position as then; the Master’s job was a Man’s Job. So she decided to get into Business and Today she is a Proud Indian Top Entrepreneur.

Ritu Kumar  was born in Mumbai in 1944, but the lack of educational opportunities there led her to move to Loreto Convent at Shimla for her schooling. Kumar began her fashion business in Kolkata, using two small tables and hand-block printing techniques. Beginning with bridal wear and evening clothes in the 1960s she took 20 Years to get into International Market. Kumar’s company has also opened branches in Paris, London and New York.  Her company’s annual turnover at the time was the highest of any Indian fashion outlet, estimated at around ₹10 billion.

Shahnaz Husain Born into a conservative family had to comply with existing traditions and was married at the tender age of 15, becoming a mother by the time she was 16. She trained for ten years in cosmetic therapy and cosmetology. Adopting the principle of “Care and Cure,” she set up her own herbal clinic, in her own home, with very little capital investment, formulating products for skin, hair and body care, based on the Ayurvedic system and devising clinical treatments for specific problems. And Currently, the Shahnaz Husain Group has over 400 franchise clinics across the world covering over 138 countries.

Jyoti Naik ex President of Shri Mahila Griha Udyog Lijjat Papad, Lijjat  Started in the year 1959 with a seed capital of Rs. 80. Lijjat was the brain child of seven Gujarati women from Bombay (now Mumbai). Jyoti Naik joined Lijjat at the age of 12 to help out her mother in 1973. She gradually climbed the ladder and became the President of this organization. Lijjat has an annual turnover of around Rs. 6.50 billion (over 100 million USD) in 2010, with Rs. 290 million in exports. It provides employment to around 43,000 (in 2015) people. Lijjat is headquartered in Mumbai and has 81 branches and 27 divisions all over India.

These inspiring stories have been created by Indians and this will only grow as Dreams grow…

Dream to be the one you choose to be… write your own destiny..

Dare to dream, make it worthwhile, live it each day and feel it every way… make it a habit that no one can beat

Most People are unhappy because they fear their thoughts; they fail to live their Dream

Most of us have a myth that forces us to Believe that only rich can get richer..

If You have ever said that to anybody, even jokingly then you are weak and you make the people around you weak…

Let’s oath to Stop, I mean Stop Thinking weak, The factual stories above are true to themselves…and if one is Smart and Hardworking he will definitely seek..

The only barrier here is your own self, Do you really want it? Or you want to live a life with burden and unending payments. if yes then it’s time to stop to seek and be happy with what you have,

But if you have a dream and a song to sing then you must cope to anything and everything…

Most of us also believe that doing Business is not easy; well nothing today is easy,

All you need to do is start making your Dream a Reality…

Starting your own project might seem difficult, but it is the most Satisfying Job you will ever do.

You will live doing what you want to, get people to help you with it, indirectly you will contribute to humanity and doing good for yourself will mean good for the Nation

Be a creator of opportunities. Soon we will be an automated world where people will be struggling for jobs..

A Good Job will get you a Good salary, Options to take Loans and then will come the pressure of the standard of living – buying a House “On Loan” A New Car “On Loan”, New Cell Phone “On LOAN”… which will take you forever to own..

Most of us start dreaming when we realise our jobs aren’t satisfying enough, and you deserve more as you have the Talent and zeal to Grow. But by then we are already Slaves and burdened by all the Loans taken to show the world how rich and happy you are.

Are you Aware you can start a Business with just ₹20,000 max, all we are saying is Start. Take the First Step. Yes just 20 Thousand Rupees. If you can spend more than 20k for a Cell phone than it’s worth putting the same amount to make your Dream come true.

It’s important to Start, and slowly build your Project. Noting Happens over night, not even your Promotion, so why have unrealistic expectation.

While on a Job, Get your Company Registered, Won’t cost you more than a one night stay in 3Star. Believe me it’s just 13k for Private Limited Company, it’s a onetime registration cost, than you can start getting your Website, Facebook & Instagram Page Ready, Either you can do it, or for as Minimal as 15K we can help you get a 5 Page site ready, with Social Media presence.

It’s better than just having a PPT to show, if you are looking for an investor for your dream project. In the Long Run you will need an Investor. Lot of Investors are available however they are looking to invest into someone who knows what they are doing. When you have your Company ready with a Website and Social Media presence, it will make the investor think about how serious you are, as you too have invested in your Dream.

If you are not going to invest anything in your own project, how can you expect someone else to invest in you?  A buyer buys if the product is worth it.

Lots of Indians went to the USA, The Land of Opportunities they say, to Live their American Dream, a Handful of smart came back and Started their Indian Dream as India is the Biggest Market there can be with the largest population roaring for opportunities and options.

Let’s start living the Dream in India, Let’s Have an Indian Dream. Let’s be Brave to Start. Let’s Dare to start.

We at are looking to Support Every Dream. Call us or visit our Website and see how you can be Your Hero.

The Secret to Success is to Start, Start Small and scale up slowly while you build your reputation through Digital Channels.

Internet has created a platform that gives equal opportunity to all business to showcase their products or services to acquire customers across the world of opportunities.

Don’t miss yours… Be Here.. Do this..