How to Start a Business within Rs 30,000 ?

why register a company

why register a company

Have a Dream to Start a Business but do not have lakhs of Rupees?

Most of us have a Dream to Start a Business on our Own; we also have the Talent and Zeal to be successful however we do not have the money. Most of the Talent in India is short of Money. Who is not short of money, aren’t we all? But the reality is Money is not the only important factor to start a Business, Money is the most important to Scale up but to Start You just need Courage.

How to Start a Business with Just Rs 30,000!!!

First you need to decide the Business Model, Make a Business Plan on Paper and PPT. To start any business you need to decide what kind of business you want to register, Private Limited, Limited Liability Partnership or One Person Company. Each has its own Features and it is absolutely necessary to register your business. You can read more in details on our others Blogs. The most preferred form of Registration is Private Ltd as it gives you the option to raise capital via issue of Shares also Private Ltd registration works as insurance.

A Private Limited company requires minimum 2 members, as they will be appointed as the Director of the company. If you do not have a partner in mind, do not worry. You can add your Parents or a trusted friend as a Director, but still have the complete owernership in your Hands.  Hence again registering your company first is important, so that you can make the paper work as per your requirement and then add new partners or investors as share holders etc.

Once that is decided you need to contact us to get your dream Business Registered. It will not cost you more than ₹15000.The Documents required to Start a Business are very basic. And this all can be done online; you don’t have to run around for anything or bunk your work.  At we make doing business easy & Affordable.

While the registration takes a few weeks, we start working on making a website, social media platform and Banner Designs for you. You may think why you need a Website even before you have launched in the Market. The answer is simple, when you Launch, launch everywhere at one go.

If you wait for the company to get registered and then wait for paper work, look for a Website Developer, Designer, and Content Writer separately, you will end up wasting 2 to 3 months after registration.

When you are on limited Budget, Time is money.

With, By the time your Company is registered, you will have your website, Facebook & Twitter Page ready. So when you tell people about your Product or service, you can ask them to Visit your Website or Facebook page for more information, add it on your visiting card, Wats app Status etc and start getting likes, shares and Comments.

Believe you me, your Family, Friends and Prospects will be surprised. You will be able to see the reactions on their face. Wow!! You Did It!!! Is all they will have to say.

Internet gives you the option to Open your Office, Shop, Boutique, Restaurant at a very affordable rate and the best part, it gives you a Level playing ground with the Brands. Once your Internet presence, which is your Website is ready there are various way to market and Brand the Product or Service.

Once your Company is registered and you have your Business presence online, so pitching to an investor becomes a lot easier. Not only will you have a Business plan, PPT but also a Website connected to Social media with Likes, shares and comments from your family and Friends.

Investors love the Idea of an Entrepreneur who is ready to go all guns blazing. Moreover they will get more confidence about your idea as you personally have invested time and money to get the basics in place.

Start your Dream today before it gets too expensive. Invest in your Future by Investing in yourself. It’s worth It!!!

Register you Business today and start working on turning it into a Successful Company. At, you will get support for everything you need to be a successful Entrepreneur.